They say, there will never be a bond as strong as a mother and her child, and the love between Renee and Harry proves just that!

For those who don't know, the journey of Renee and Harry is quite unique in that Harry was born with Gastroschisis (bowel growing outside the abdomen). Despite the various complications after he was born, Harry has grown into the bright, happy, beautiful boy he is today.

See Renee's blog documenting her inspiring journey (and entry into motherhood). Instagram @hello.harry_.

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we invited the family into our office to chat all things Harry and find out what Renee thinks of our NEW Cosmeceutical Skincare Range. After using our range for only a few weeks her skin was noticeably fresh, glowing and radiant. Most importantly, she found it easy to tie into her busy mummy schedule and required only a few minutes per day for application. 

Here's what she had to say!

What do you like about our VANI-T Skincare Range?

To be honest, skin care has always been a little foreign to me. I found it overwhelming when trying to find a brand to use because I felt like there were too many options and I didn’t like the fact I didn’t always know what ingredients were in them. I have loved trying the VANI-T skin care range. It’s just an easy process to have clean, hydrated, fresh skin and I have comfort in knowing they are made with all natural ingredients.



Which Products do you use and how do you tie these into your skincare regime as a busy mum?

At night I wipe my make up off with the makeup remover cloth. This product is seriously magic!! It comes off so easy. Followed by the exfoliant mask. Then I apply the oil and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated. Once Harry is asleep at night, I like taking the time to do my skincare routine. 



What are your 2 favourite products from the range and why? 

My two favourite products would have to be the exfoliate mask and the oil. The exfoliating mask makes my skin feel amazing!!! It gives me so much satisfaction rubbing it in knowing it’s getting deep into my skin and removing all the dirt! Then followed by the oil, which leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy. 

As a new mum to Harry, what makes Mother’s Day special to you? (maybe add in a little brief here about what you’ve been through with Harry’s as we know it hasn’t been an easy ride).

Being a mum has been such an emotional journey for me. Mother’s Day will be a day of reflection looking back on how far Harry has come from when he was so sick from being born with Gastroschisis. I’m so lucky to be his mum and I’m super proud. 



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