Buying a foundation online without trying it on your skin is a huge risk when you don’t have the luxury of trying it on like you do at a department store. With this in mind, we spoke with VANI-T’s founder Tania Walsh to get her expert tips on how to find your perfect foundation match.

Type: It’s so overwhelming when buying a foundation not only do you have to choose the colour but first you have to choose your type. Creams? Liquids? Powder? Mousse? Spray? Where do you even start. “If you have dry skin, go for a hydrating liquid or cream. If you have oily ski, then a mineral, powder or oil free liquid foundation is the best” says Tania.

Undertones: Are you warm or cool? And we’re not talking about temperature. Knowing the undertone of your skin is essential when it comes to finding the right foundation for you.  Tania recommends looking at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they’re mostly blue or purple you have cool undertones; if they’re more of greenish yellow then you have warm undertones. Still can’t decide? If your veins look like a mix of blue, green, yellow and purple then your undertones are neutral.

Matching: You’ve got your formula and undertone covered and now you’re wondering how to match without testing the foundation on your skin.  Tania Founder of VANI-T says “If you already own a shade of foundation that works for you then use this as a starting point. Find the shade online and compare the one you use to the ones available from the brand you are looking at buying”.  VANI-T have uploaded the perfect colour swatches online purely for you to do this (link to foundations)

Samples: Still having trouble deciding between two shades and you don’t want to spend the dollars when you’re not 100% certain. Remember your skin tone changes by season or fake tan so if you have the funds to buy both then why not buy both and try them at home. Some companies will do samples, there’s no harm in contacting them and seeing if they will. If you’ve got to this point and your still not sure feel free to contact VANI-T Customer Service

Applying: Last but not least, you’ve finally purchased the foundation that you think best suits you. Prepare your skin with a primer/moisturiser; it’s a great start to your beauty regime. We have the perfect one for you VANI-T Face Base (link to our facebase). Once you’ve applied your foundation your still finding it a little light, try a bronzer! Achieve sun-kissed glow with VANI-T Bronze Boheme Bronzer, it will instantly enhance the skins complexion, you can also use to define and highlight over top of your foundation.

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